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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 9:24 pm

Forum Rules

No Flamming any members or guest under any circumstances.
Flamming is verbally attacking or disrespecting someone.

No Trolling any members or guests under any circumstances.
Trolling is provoking users to flame you.

Keep Spam to a minimum. We do not mind minor spamming, such as a bump here and there for a thread, but dont go around posting smileys every where for no reason.

Please do not post any explicit content on this forum for any reason. We do not mind content with profanity, but no nudity or illegal actions that will get us into some issues with phpBB Forums.

We do not support illegal programs such as illegally downloading music, games, or programs period. If you post about doing these actions or how to do these actions you will be banned and reported.

We do not mind if you promote your website, youtube channel, facebook, etc. But do not go overboard with it, make one thread about it and thats it. If you want to promote multiple channels/sites of your own, then do it all in one thread.

No Console Wars period, your entitled to your opinion but do not pummel other members with messages of why a certain system/game is bad. This site is based around all gaming across all platforms and consoles so remember that while posting.

Please do not post a topic that has already been posted, take a second to use the search feature. Its there for a reason.

Do not bypass if you are banned, it will only lengthen your time away.

Do not post a topic about you leaving the site for any reason, Send an Admin a PM if you want it to be known your leaving, otherwise just go about your business, ours will continue regardless.

Before posting a spoiler of any games plot, story, or anything that someone may not want to be ruined please mark it. Use the spoiler tags, and also put *SPOILER* at the beginning of your post.

Forum Rules are subject to change at any time without warning.
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Forum Rules
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