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PostSubject: Welcome to Our Forums   Welcome to Our Forums I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 30, 2011 1:06 pm

First, if you are viewing the forums as a guest please Register first.

We would like to welcome you all to our forum and we would also like to take this time to explain a few things here that you may already be wondering. I would like to inform you of why we created our own forums, what we plan to do in the future and explain a few things about the site currently.

Why did we start our own forum?

We started our own forum because there is not many forums on the internet that do not cater to one console or the other. Not only that but they are super restricting, for example you cant even say the word Xbox on Playstations' website and vice versa without getting warned. All the forums that do support all systems are mainly clan forums, which we will never be.

Why are some users names different colors?

Some users are in a different group in the forum then others, and some groups have more control over the forums then others.

If you see a member with a Red username, this indicates that this user is an Administrator and has complete control of the forums. This user can lock, delete, or modify any posts on the forum as well as ban any unruly members that do not follow the rules. Admin can also edit the appearance and structure of the site.

If you see a member with a Blue username, this indicates that this user is a Moderator. Moderators can edit posts any way they see fit, they can also ban unruly members. However, unlike an Administrator, a Moderator cannot edit the structure of the forums or anything else about them.

If you see a member with a unusual color username this indicates they are in a special group, perhaps for being an outstanding member of the forum.

How do I know which section to post a topic in?

Each specific forum has its own brief description under it, if you are still unsure we will go into a more detailed description below.

Off-Topic Chat

This section is where you can post about non video game related discussions. Anything and everything from Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and things similar to that. The only non gaming discussion that doesn't belong here is user-generated content which will be explained below.

User Generated Content

This section of the forum is where you can post anything you have created, whether it be videos, graphics, music, and anything else that can be created. You can separate your creations, say you make videos and graphics, you can post a graphics thread and video thread.


This section is for sports video games only, if you wish to discuss real life sports do so in off-topic chat. Sports includes everything such as football, soccer, hockey, baseball, and all types of racing. This section also includes Wii/Kinect/Move sports.


This section is very straight forward, if you want to talk about games such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter, etc. then you will do so here.


In the shooters section it is appropriate to talk all things regarding shooters. Any type of shooter on the market will be found here, such as first, third, and even rail shooters. Please note that some RPGs such as Fallout and Mass Effect are strongly focused on being a shooter, however, it is still classified as a RPG and should be posted in the Action Adventure section.

Action Adventure

In the action adventure section you will find a wide variety of games to discuss. Everything from action adventure, survival horror, role playing games (RPG), or anything similar will be discussed here. We put a few genres in here that shouldn't necessarily be here because things like survival horror do not need their own section so it saves room on the forum.

Community Activities

The community activities section is the part of the forum where you can ask others to join you in playing a game online. Want to start a party in Call of Duty? Perhaps you need help on Halo Reach legendary in co-op? Maybe you want to test your fighting abilities in Street Fighter? Well post a thread in this section and ask for a friend/challenger.

This section will also house any upcoming tournaments the site is hosting, there will likely always be a prize. Stay tuned for more information regarding these.

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Welcome to Our Forums
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